12 Characteristics to be an Impactful Leader

 There are many characteristics and examples of great leaders that we can look at and work towards to acquiring and homing in on these traits and skills, many have spent hundreds and even thousands on books, seminars and even boot camps etc. just to try and make themselves great leaders. What I have found is that great leaders have most if not all of these 12 Characteristics to be an effective and influential leader. Though there are is a variety of leadership styles, several commons qualities are indispensable.

  1.  Focused: Leaders who make an impact are focused. They have a clearly defined mission, which they pursue with unrelenting clarity of purpose. 
  2.  Favorable circumstances are not a requirement for achievement: Leaders who have impact are internally motivated. They do not usually depend on favorable external factors to achieve. In spite of the conditions great leaders find a way to get the goal or task achieved. 
  3.  Fearless: Leaders who make an impact are courageous. They are usually so dedicated to their tasks and goals that they refuse to back down in the face of adversity or be stopped by hindrances or obstacles. Though faced with opposition they press onward. 
  4.  Firmness in Beliefs: Leaders who succeed are knowledgeable. They understand what they need to know, are sure of what they believe, and are eager to lern more. 
  5.  Fortitude: Leaders who make an impact are strong. They have the strength to endure the arduous, difficult labor that achievement demands. In other words they do what it takes for however long it takes until the task or goal is achieved. They follow the “I will until”  attitude. 
  6.  Forward Looking & Favorable Outlook: For Leaders to have an impact they need to be optimistic, to believe the best about their plans and their people. Leaders instill and give their people confidence that task can and will be achieved. 
  7.  Fervent and Fiery in their Zeal: Leaders who enable others are enthusiastic and persuasive. They generate a contagious excitement about their visions that enable them to enlist the eager support of others. 
  8.  The Fear of Risk is Faced: Effective leaders are willing to take risks. They put everything on the line for what they believe must be done. They reject the obstacles and even at time intimidation that others may throw at them. They face their fears with firmness. 
  9.  Fluent in Communicating: Leaders who have an impact are skilled communicators. They can articulate their visions, ideas, and plans effectively so as to motivate those with them. 
  10.  Focus on Future Goals: Leaders who impact are imaginative. They are usually not content with maintaining the status quo but to pursue greater things. 
  11.  Fixed, firm, and a Faith that is stable enough to stand alone: Finally, the influential leaders tend to be independent, strong enough to stand and survive on their own. Godly leaders who know how to live by faith and trust in the Lord. 
  12.  Forthright: Tying all those essential qualities together is consistency or integrity. Without it, the rest of the above-mentioned leadership qualities add up to nothing more than superficiality. Integrity solidifies and unites all the other qualities. Integrity is the glue that holds all attitudes and actions together. Integrity is from the Latin word integer, which means “entire”. It may be defined as the condition or quality of being undivided. It describes those who   adhere to their ethical or moral standards without hypocrisy or duplicity. People of integrity lead lives that are one with their stated convictions. They practice what they preach and are honest, sincere, and incorruptible. Those with integrity are “above reproach” which is to characterize an true impactful and effective leader. 

We are all Leaders- Be the Leader you would follow and set a great example and be impactful in the lives we touch. – Mike Counts

Power Up!

Mike Counts

The list of Characteristics are taken from the outstanding book “Treasures From Nehemiah” written by Dr. Rod Mattoon.


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