What are we accountable for?

I have been doing a personal study on the subject of accountability, we are living in a society that this subject of accountability in peoples views have completely changed.
Things to ponder in each of our lives. What are we accountable for? I will be having future posts on this subject, and I hope this will help a few people, even if just one individual who can get something out of this subject, could have a ripple effect.
In upcoming posts we will indulge deep into the subject of What are accountable for?

(It used to be popular to say, “No one is an island,” reflecting a cultural understanding of connectedness and responsibility between people. But it is different today. Simon and Garfunkel’s plaintive 1960s folksong preached, “I am a rock; I am an island,” reflecting the extreme of our society’s rugged individualism. It is in this environment that accountability has almost disappeared and loneliness has become dominant.) –
(Excerpt from “The Complete Book of Everyday Christianity: An A-To-Z Guide To Following Christ in Every Aspect of Life.”
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